On February 16th, after a meeting at Mosaic Press’ Oakville office, I met up with Stedmond Pardy in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Brandon Pitts, Mosaic Press

Brandon at Mosaic Press

Kensington is ground zero for my first real literary triumph, my reading of the “BC Crib” from “Canadian Voices II” in front of a full capacity crowd at the Super Market, as well as appearances at Video Fag, the Last Temptation, and of course, my Sonic Cafe appearance with Stedmond Pardy and the late Nik Beat.

Stedmond, who now lives in Kensington, recommended a nice shop where we had bagels and morning beer (Unibroue’s  “Fin du Monde” from it’s golden devil’s head tap). There, we spent some much needed time catching up. We spoke about each other’s future work and current projects. For those who aren’t familiar with Stedmond’s work, you can view some of it here where he recites his poem, Stress Men Prefer Curvy Women.”  The video was filmed by the legendary film scholar Regg Hart  in the Cineforum where Stedmond used to live back in the day during wilder times.

After our beer, Stedmond and I got the idea to visit a couple of sites that honored poets who have poetry released by my publisher, Mosaic Press. We walked up to the Waverley Hotel on Spadina, where Mosaic poet Milton Acorn lived and wrote, discussing his work along the way.

Milton Acorn, Waverley Hotel, Brandon Pitts, Stedmond Pardy, Mosaic Press

Brandon Pitts and Stedmond Pardy at the Milton Acorn Plaque.

Milton Acorn, Waverley Hotel, Brandon Pitts,, Mosaic Press

Brandon Pitts at the Waverley Hotel. Home to Miltron Acorn.

From there we went to Gwendolyn MacEwen Park to pay homage to the poet’s statue while Stedmond expounded upon the merits of her work.

Brandon Pitts, Gwendolyn MacEwen

Brandon Pitts and Gwendolyn MacEwen

Stedmond has a fond spot for Gwendolyn and her work.

Stedmond Pardy, Gwendolyn MacEwen

Stedmond Pardy and Gwendolyn MacEwen