New Music Concerts

New Music Concerts

Classical composer, Adam Scime used Brandon’s poem Loved Creatures for his Earth and Air II, performed February 3rd, 2013 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in Toronto for the New Music Concert Series.

In the four movements of this piece I have used poetry from James Joyce’s Chamber Music, Ezra Pound’s Ripostes, and one poem by Brandon Pitts, from his collection Pressure to Sing. Placing texts by Pound and Joyce, two prominent Imagists, together in a single work seemed appropriate due their similar approach to the Imagist movement. Pound was even known to have admired Joyce’s Chamber Music for its delicate temperament. To complement the texts by Pound and Joyce, I searched for an appropriate text by a living Canadian poet. The poem Loved Creatures by Brandon Pitts proved to be a most fitting companion to the texts I chose by Joyce and Pound.    – Adam Scime, from the “New Music Concert Series: Then and Now” program.

Spewgore, Brandon Pitts

Face plant

Brandon can be heard reciting a section of his epic poem, The Apocalypse of Weeks from Tender in the Age of Fury on the Heavy Metal band Spewgore‘s cd Face Plant.


Roselyn Brown's Emancipation

Roselyn Brown’s Emancipation

Brandon wrote the lyrics to Roselyn Brown’s The Siren on her cd Emancipation. 

The Siren – Lyrics: Brandon Pitts, Music: Brandon Pitts and Roselyn Brown

I’m smooth

Liquid like


One drop



You’ve lost 


Your free will.

You’ll see

The days will seem


My spell

Keeps getting 


Your ship

In my sea.

I can see

Pullin’ you in to me to be 

Smitten by forces


In my reality

Dew drop

Kiss of the 


One touch

Lather like




In my web.

You’ll see

Sheets can

Burn slower

Love drip

Dreams can

Take over


In my sea.