Labour of Love — poetry magazine, #41 R.I.P. The Last Issue

Summer 2016, ISSN 1192-621x

Brandon’s poem, “For Joe, Who Ended His Own Life” makes its first appearance in print.

The poem is a piece of the a much longer poem, “In the Company of Crows – for Jennifer Hosein as she weeps for departed friends”. 

The first poem, “A Poet Must Die” by publisher Norman Cristofoli is dedicated to Brandon.

The issue includes contributions from Valentino Assenza, Jeannine Marie Pitas, Brenda Clews, Susan Munro, Pat Conners, Jillian Ingram, Ivy Reiss, Alexandra Innes, Candice O’Grady, Alana P. Cook, and Norman Cristofoli, among others.