In the Company of Crows

In the Company of Crows, Brandon Pitts, Mosaic Press

Poems of mortality, faith and the sociopolitical landscape of America in 2017. With this collection, Brandon Pitts beautifully captures the maelstrom of American society in the throes of self-destruction.

“Pitts displays a Frostian command of the American vernacular.” 

— Benjamin Schmitt, At The Inkwell

Brandon Pitts is an ingenious poet who interrogates the oracles and transfigures their obscure answers into dissonant and outraged verse. His latest collection, In the Company of Crows, builds upon the archetypal images of his previous collection, Tender in the Age of Fury, to escalate his insightful rants about the failing materialism of America’s insidious Imperium. Drawing on the imagery of mysticism and religion, Brandon’s poetry tears apart the rotted bodies of our once righteous leadership and inspects their entrails for reliable truths. And as one would expect from such a mystical soul, he offers a perch where it may yet be possible to trust in mankind’s innate goodness. We are all “precious and we are all born from love.”  

— James Dewar, Poetry Publisher, Piquant Press and poet, “The Garden in the Machine

Mosaic Press — October, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-77161-264-7

Cover Art by Peggy Larson

Tender in the Age of Fury

Tender in the Age of Fury, Brandon Pitts, Mosaic Press

Now in its 3rd Printing!

Tender in the Age of Fury is the second collection of poems by Seattle-based Canadian poet Brandon Pitts. In his new collection, Pitts “extends the themes of his initial offering Pressure to Sing (IOWI, 2012), and gives the reader a clearer understanding of the interconnected personal, theological and political themes of his work, uggesting a literary and cultural key to its full appreciation… Pitts returns the reader to the Hebrew/Christian/Islamic story of angels and men (and women) that is at the root of the modern consciousness, offering an immanent critique of its latest manifestations” (Terry Barker, from the Introduction).

Mosaic Press — January 2016

ISBN: 978-1-77161-174-9

Cover painting by Jennifer Hosein

Pressure to Sing

Brandon Pitts, Pressure to Sing, David Campbell Wilson, Poetry

Brandon’s poetry debut! Since it’s release in late December of 2011, this dynamic collection of poetry surprised the Toronto lit scene with strong sales and a unique voice. Originally published on the small Canadian publisher IOWI by Cheryl Antao Xavier, this central Canadian hit is now out of print after 4 pressings.

“(Brandon) raises the bar to a level that we haven’t seen in decades. A bar that should inspire other poets and writers to reach for.”   – Carolina Smart, Lipstik Indie

“A collection of poems written with that undone spirituality you can only get from an irreverent wizard… or a genuinely enlightened hitchhiker.”     Origo Books

IOWI (In Our Words Inc.) — January, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-926926-11-7

Cover painting by David Campbell Wilson 

The Annotated Lot

Brandon Pitt, Lot Poem, Lot, bojit Pree

A limited annotated edition of Brandon’s epic poem “Lot,” released by bojit Press

The 40 page edition includes “Lot” in it’s entirety with 25 pages of detailed, line by line annotations.

bojit Press — December, 2014

Only 100 hand numbered and signed copies in existence.

Killcreek — a play

Brandon Pitts, Jennifer Hosein, Killcreek

Killcreek – a play is the one hour version of Brandon’s full length play, The Threshing. This limited edition play premiered at Toronto’s Fringe Festival, summer of 2013.

IOWI (In Our Words Inc.) June 2013

ISBN 978-1-926926-27-8

Cover painting by Jennifer Hosein

Puzzle of Murders

Brandon Pitts, Puzzle of Murders

Puzzle of Murders

A multi-layered structure that unfolds rapidly. – Mayank Bhatt, Generally About Books.

Read full review HERE

Bookland Press — November 2011

ISBN 978-1-926956-07-7

The Courtney Park Connection

Brandon Pitts, Courtney Park, Courtney Park Connection

Brandon served as editor and compiler to this IOWI anthology. Within its pages you can find his play Johanna, first performed by the Humber River Shakespeare Company, and his poem, Magdalene.  

IOWI (In Our Words Inc.) — August 2013

ISBN 978-1-926926-31-5