Wishing Jennifer Hosein a happy birthday!

I can remember the first time I saw Jennifer’s art. The late Nik Beat took me over to her apartment in the Annex. I walked in and was immediately blown away by her art which covers practically every inch of her flat. (Her living room serves as her studio.)

The first painting which hit me was called Utah. You can check it out on her webpage here: http://www.jenniferhosein.com/

I was struck by Jennifer’s juxtaposition of horror and ecstasy, fear and longing, this world as it moves into the next.

The second painting I marvelled at was a painting called “Boy” which I was honored to use for the cover of my third book, “Killcreek” which is a condensed version of my play “The Threshing.”

Brandon Pitts, Jennifer Hosein, Killcreek

Brandon Pitts’ Killcreek

I remember going to a Marc Chagall exhibit with Jennifer and seeing his portrait, “Mazin the Poet“. Jennifer was struck by the painting and decided she wanted to start portraits of Toronto poets, especially those on the East Side scene like Nik Beat and myself. She has painted quite a few versions of this idea and I’ve loved them all. This one is one of my favorites.

Brandon Pitts, Jennifer Hosein

By Jennifer Hosein

She would often invite poets over and paint them while they composed verse. To this day, Jennifer is quite possibly one of the only people who’s seen me working on poetry and has actually witnessed my working methods.

I knew that I had to use her for the cover of my upcoming poetry collection, “Tender in the Age of Fury.” Jennifer painted a few versions for the cover and Mosaic Press finally decided to use the painting that graces the cover now. I can’t imagine a better cover to a work that I slaved over for a few years.

Happy birthday Jennifer!

Tender in the Age of Fury, Brandon Pitts, Mosaic Press

Tender in the Age of Fury
Painting by Jennifer Hosein