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In the Company of Crows, Brandon Pitts, Mosaic Press

Cover Image by Peggy Anne Larson

In the Company of Crows

Out now from Mosaic Press!

Poems of mortality, faith and the sociopolitical landscape of America in 2017. With this collection, Brandon Pitts beautifully captures the maelstrom of American society in the throes of self-destruction.

“Pitts displays a Frostian command of the American vernacular.”

— Benjamin Schmitt, At The Inkwell

“Brandon Pitts is an ingenious poet who interrogates the oracles and transfigures their obscure answers into dissonant and outraged verse. His latest collection, In the Company of Crows, builds upon the archetypal images of his previous collection, Tender in the Age of Fury, to escalate his insightful rants about the failing materialism of America’s insidious Imperium. Drawing on the imagery of mysticism and religion, Brandon’s poetry tears apart the rotted bodies of our once righteous leadership and inspects their entrails for reliable truths. And as one would expect from such a mystical soul, he offers a perch where it may yet be possible to trust in mankind’s innate goodness. We are all “precious and we are all born from love.”  

— James Dewar, Poetry Publisher, Piquant Press and poet, “The Garden in the Machine

 Cover image by Peggy Anne Larson

Tender in the Age of Fury, Brandon Pitts, Mosaic Press

Tender in the Age of Fury
Painting by Jennifer Hosein

Tender In the Age of Fury

Now in its 3rd pressing from Mosaic Press!

Here is that rarest of things in poetry these days: a unique voice. One that is neither obscurantist nor self-indulgent… Bob Dylan has prospected there. Nick Tosches, too. There’s gold in those streams and this guy Pitts has panned some of it.

— Jim Christy, author of “The Long Slow Death of Jack Kerouac” and “The BUK Book, Musings On Charles Bukowski” 

Much madness, some prophecy, enter … this … history … at … your … own … sanity …

— Chris Faiers, author of Eel Pie Dharma

Pitts’ work is visceral, political, irreverent, historical, biblical, romantic, vulgar and lyrical. And you really need to hear those words and rhythms.”

— Blogger Cathy McKim of Life With More Cowbell

Cover painting by Jennifer Hosein

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